Nothing To Post

Nothing but…Dinner


It’s New Years Eve Day! Which means everyone is running around, trying to get out of work, figure out midnight plans and keep track of family members. But what about dinner?!

It’s important to get a good meal before the long night. Kids need energy to stay up so late, adults need a hearty dinner for the same reason. Plus, eating one good meal before is healthier than snacking throughout the entire night on fattening dips and foods.

Instead of cheap Chinese takeout, think of getting take-out from a local restaurant. It’s a healthier, tastier option than pizza or fast food. Or, if you want to go the homemade route, think crock-pot or slow cooker.

Happy 2014, everyone!

Nothing but…A Little Move


It’s (almost) a new year, which means it’s time for new opportunities, new ideas, and…maybe, a new place!

Some companies, like this one, are making a shift this year. They’re shifting their address. It’s exciting to move, especially to a bigger, updated or refurbished location. Moving to a larger location means that your business is growing and outgrowing its beginnings, which is exciting in this economy. But, moving is a big process and a huge adjustment…to your company, your employees, your clients. From our experience moving, we offer you these tips:

  • Prepare an email blast or some sort of reminder to send to clients, patients, etc. about your new address.
  • Update your website to reflect your new address.
  • Update all cover materials and letterhead with new address.
  • Get the team onboard. Make sure all your employees know the moving date, if they’re supposed to move their own personal items, where their desk is going to go, etc. You’ll want to make the transition as smooth as possible for them so that work productivity isn’t harmed.

Or, maybe, you’re not ready to move. Often times companies are not completely ready to move but need an office refresh. You can do anything from a small office makeover to a complete style overhaul. Moving furniture, individual offices, new paint colors or simply adding plants are all options.

Whatever you choose, we hope 2014 brings you and your workspace great things.

Nothing but…A Little Shift


Let’s paint the picture: You’ve been working in a service industry for awhile. You’ve put in your time, and you’re wondering what’s next. You enjoy the industry, but you want to continue to climb up from entry level. So, what is next for you?

Possibly management. Management in any industry is a great opportunity to make more money and continue to improve your career outlook. Managers need to have lower-level experience coupled with the desire to learn more about the business side of things. But, there’s a definite shift between the two positions. Here’s a couple of tips on how to bridge the gap:
-Talk to your current managers about their position. Don’t make it sound like your after their job, but ask what skills you would need to become a manger. Inquire about any open training programs as well.

-Check out industry specific resources like this one that specialize in best practices. Bringing a new mindset and willingness to learn will be key if you want to become a manager.

-Continue to work hard in your current position and show that you’re committed to the business and company. Your managers will note that, and hopefully will want to work directly with you soon.

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Interested in moving up the Management ladder?

Nothing but…A Little Bit of Knowledge


Remember those long days in class? It seemed like you were there for an eternity, yet gained just a bit of actual knowledge.

Fast forward to today. Ever attend professional workshops for advancement in your current or future career? A lot of people do, and more and more companies are creating such programs. Career development is important, but how do you go about developing that? Check out these couple of tips and ideas if you and your company is debating hosting a workshop or class.

Starting classes or a workshop for others is going to take a lot of time and planning. First, you’ll have to create a curriculum. What are you (or someone else) going to teach? Are you going to employ textbooks, research, presentations or other resources during your lesson? If you feel like you have a lot to cover, think about a series of classes. Or if you have really narrowed down your topic and will only be instructing for a day, then make sure you keep your content engaging. Again, think back to those days learning in high school. Your newest, professional students might not be able to survive a straight 90 minute lecture either.

Have you thought about where you are going to host classes? Finding a location is one of the first steps, but you have to have some ideas of time, number of attendees and so on first. Possible hosting locations include you company’s own building, a local school or community center, renting a studio for a day…the list goes on. Or, if you are really invested in providing classes for others, think about a mobile learning center.

Like we said, there’s a lot to think about. There are the big questions, like where and when, but a lot of important, smaller decisions too. Check out this list to make sure your prepared for your students:

  • Any note-taking materials (pen, paper, etc.)
  • Wifi for those techies
  • Parking upon arrival
  • All day learning? Make sure to either feed your guests or give them time to go out for lunch
  • Any reading material
  • Contact information upon leaving so you can continue to be a resource to your students



Nothing to Post but…


You’ve caught us, our name lies.

We promise, we’ve got plenty to post.

Our hope is to become a resource for many about lots–yeah, Buzzfeed is funny and we love our “top 25” lists, but that’s not us. We’re here to share insights, new ideas and new opportunities for learners, marketers or the everyday person.

We’ve got quite a range, and we’re excited to hear from our readers too! Stay tuned for our next post, and welcome to Nothing to Post!