5 Essentials for Outdoor Festivals and Events

Spring is around the corner and that means festivals and events outside are sure to follow. The outdoors are great, but in many cases some structure or outdoor facility is still required to meet the needs of performers or attendees. Here are a few ideas to fill in the blanks for your upcoming festival.

1. Portable Lavatory
Often maligned as dirty and unsavory, this is nevertheless an essential part of any event where access to indoor plumbing is limited. Many lavatories are now equipped with pumpable water and hand sanitizer to alleviate any sanitary worries.

2. Pavilions
For fairs or family picnics, sometimes all that is needed is a little shade or cover from a spring rain. It’s important to have basic protection from the elements, especially during the summer heat and sun. Also, this is the critical element to any beer tent, besides the beer of course.

3. Air Conditioned Cool Down Booths
These are becoming common with VIP admission to certain events. It’s simply a room inflated with cooled air to help guests beat the heat. These are really nice for festivals that last a few days in the peak of summer. Maintaining body temperature is very important in July heat to avoid sunstroke or dehydration.

4. Expandable Trailers
Expandable trailers are custom built to suit the needs of any outdoor event. They provide power and a stage for performers, or can function as an installation for art or educational pieces for expos. The interiors are even suitable as classrooms or command centers for extended usage. Trailers can create enclosed shelter or have completely collapsible walls and graphic art for banners or logos. They are versatile and powerful solutions for a number of functions.

5. Water Fill Station
Environmentally conscious festival goers are moving away from overpriced disposable water bottles in favor of these multi-spout filling stations. It’s more common now to see attendees refilling water bottles or Kamelbacks, and it’s much easier to enjoy nature knowing you aren’t harming it as much by your presence and consumption. These will keep you hydrated and minimize your footprint on the environment.

The myriad opportunities to experience outdoor events this summer are meant to be enjoyed without worry for necessary facilities or concerns for well-being. It’s important to be aware of your safety, but that shouldn’t stop anyone from having a great time in the sun.


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