Nothing but…A Little Sound

A popular saying among musicians is that they’re only as good as the person running the sound for them. Obviously, there is plenty of talent on display when a professional band takes the stage, but having an audio engineer with an expert knowledge of mixing a band in a live setting can make or break a single performance. Another complication can arise if the lighting of the stage is poor. The band needs to be visible to the audience first and foremost, but there also needs to be a presentation of the artistry on display through the lighting design. If the lights compliment the tone and energy of a particular song, the audience will be that much more engaged. Knowing these facts are half the battle when it comes to having live music at a corporate party.
With spring finally here, corporate  parties happen a lot between now and the holiday season, and in the coming months outdoor venues are generally the preferred locale. You know that you want a true professional, someone who has mixed bands of every size at an outdoor concert. The first thing any sound person will think of is the lack of acoustics in that type of environment. You also want the band for a specific amount of time; probably going past sundown if that’s the kind of party you’re going for. Another red flag pops up: how will everyone see the band? Great lighting equipment and operators are just as critical as having an audio engineer who knows what he/she is doing.

Some bands, have a dedicated lighting equipment manager and audio engineer at every event. But that old saying, “It’s not what you say but how you say it”, applies to having musicians perform at a large corporate event. A general rule is that if the band knows they’re taken care of, and their only concern is engaging with the audience, the night will be a blast, not only for the guests but for them as well. Musicians tend to be much less stressed when they know that they can rely on a professional to mix them out front and in their monitors properly, rather than worry all night if they’re even coming through the speakers.
So when you’re planning your next party, hire the band that fits the occasion, but remember that professional sound and lighting makes all the difference in the world between a good company party and a great company party.

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