Why Do People Go to New Hampshire?

Why Do People Go to New Hampshire?

Growing up with the family I had, my younger cousin (by four days) and I were exposed to all types of art, whether they were taking us to The Nutcracker Ballet, the art museum, jazz festivals, the movies (at the drive-in, of course) or dancing at the local Elks Club with all the old folks of our grandparents’ era.

One summer, my grandmother wanted to visit a site that was made famous in a blockbuster movie called “On Golden Pond.” We saw it at the drive-in theater close to our home in Michigan, and both of my grandparents fell in love with the movie instantly because they identified with the main characters.

In fact, my grandparents were approaching the ages of the main characters, Ethel and Norman Thayer, and were contemplating where they were going to wind up retiring: Florida or Arizona. But plans began to change after seeing this movie. Some months later, my grandmother imagined that they could retire on Golden Pond instead and learn to adjust to New Hampshire lifestyle.

It was a passing phase, and they settled on Florida for retirement as all their living friends and cousins had already moved down there. In the process of her imagination, we learned a lot more about New Hampshire. For example, according to Visit New Hampshire (the State’s official website), here are some intriguing reasons people might consider going to New Hampshire:

  • “Hampton Beach of New Hampshire’s Seacoast (A frugal, family-friendly, and fun destination)
  • New Hampshire’s White Mountains (Legendary Attractions. Mountains of fun)
  • North Conway / Kancamagus Highway / North Woodstock, New Hampshire (The centerpiece of this itinerary is the Kancamagus Scenic Byway (Route 112) which is affectionately known as “the Kank.” People who drive, hike, or even bicycle the Kank are stunned by the pure beauty of this mountain road),”

The Grande Dame of New Hampshire’s Lakes Region with Lake Winnipesaukee, which covers seventy-two square miles, including two hundred fifty-three islands, is monster in size but doesn’t overshadow the equally lovely Squam Lakes. This group, consisting of Big Squam Lake, Little Squam Lake, and White Oak Pond, is where the Hollywood movie “On Golden Pond” was filmed.

A table from Wikipedia shows the following 1981 movie data:

Highest-grossing films of 1981[1]
RankTitleDistributorBox-office gross
1Raiders of the Lost ArkParamount$212,222,025
2On Golden PondUniversal$119,285,432
3Superman IIWarner Bros.$108,185,706
6The Cannonball Run20th Century Fox$72,179,579
7Chariots of FireWarner Bros.$58,972,904
8For Your Eyes OnlyUnited Artists$54,812,802
9The Four SeasonsUniversal$50,427,646
10Time BanditsEmbassy$42,365,581

What is New Hampshire best known for?

Commonly known as the Granite State because of its extensive granite formations and quarries, but New Hampshire also has three other nicknames: Mother of River, the White Mountain State, and Switzerland of America. Below are a few more additional reasons someone might enjoy going to New Hampshire:

  • Flume Gorge
  • White Mountains
  • Lake Winnipesaukee
  • Mount Washington
  • Kancamagus Highway
  • Conway Scenic Railroad
  • Lost River Gorge & Boulder Caves
  • Maple syrup
  • Mount Washington Cog Railway
  • Hampton Beach
  • Loon Mountain
  • Mount Monadnock
  • Skiing

Let’s dive a little deeper and discuss some intriguing details about why people might find themselves drawn to New Hampshire, especially considering both its natural beauty and unique cultural offerings.

Aside from the stunning landscapes like the White Mountains and the scenic Kancamagus Highway, New Hampshire offers an unparalleled experience during foliage season. The autumn months transform the state into a vibrant canvas, drawing leaf-peepers from across the globe. The spectacular hues of red, orange, and yellow amid the serene backdrops of mountains and lakes make it a must-visit destination for nature enthusiasts and photographers alike.

New Hampshire’s lakes are not the only aquatic attraction; its rivers and streams are famous among anglers. Fly fishing in the state’s clear and cold waters, such as those found in the Pemigewasset and Androscoggin Rivers, can be a tranquil and rewarding activity. Additionally, for thrill-seekers, the swift currents of the Saco River provide exciting white-water rafting experiences, particularly during spring when the snowmelt contributes to the flow.

For those who are history buffs, New Hampshire holds a wealth of historical landmarks and museums. The Strawbery Banke Museum in Portsmouth offers a fascinating glimpse into the region’s colonial past, with meticulously restored buildings and immersive exhibits depicting life from centuries gone by.

Once my grandmother moved on from her On Golden Pond phase, she continued to take us on many adventures within the Great Lakes States and the east coast of New Jersey and Maryland.

How often do grandkids visit grandparents?

As I may have already mentioned, we spent a lot of time with my grandparents. My mom was the oldest of four children in her family, and as her parents aged, she took on a lot of responsibilities for them and her younger siblings. With me in tow, my mom would venture over to my grandparents’ house each weekend, intending to just visit on Friday, but ultimately, we always ended up staying until Sunday!

Some families may be able to see each other frequently, while others may only be able to get together occasionally due to distance or other factors. According to a study conducted by AARP, grandparents who live within 50 miles of their grandchildren see them approximately once a week on average.

For many families, weekly visits between grandparents and grandchildren can provide a consistent and meaningful connection. These frequent interactions allow for the development of a strong bond and provide an opportunity for grandparents to participate actively in their grandchild’s upbringing.

Psychology Today cites, “Why Time with Grandparents is so Valuable for Kids:

  • The relationship between grandparents and grandchildren provides valuable life lessons for children.
  • A study shows grandparents connected via the internet with family enjoy greater life satisfaction and health.
  • Strong co-parenting relationships between parents and grandparents lead to greater family well-being.

Unfortunately, my mom passed away at the young age of fifty-eight years while my sons were only almost two years old and five and a half years old, so she did not get too much Nana time. On the other hand, my mother-in-law lived nearby, so I welcomed her weekly visits. Thursdays became “Grandma Day,” and my sons looked forward to their time with her.

Why do people go to New Hampshire

In conclusion, while writing this piece, I played that old movie “On Golden Pond” in the background, and it resurged my grandmother’s desire within me to visit NH in memory of her. Although we have a multitude of pristine lakes and rivers to connect with here in my home state of Michigan, I really want to go to New Hampshire and see what their state has to offer as well. Happy travels friends!

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