About Cashmere Video Seminar

If you are interested in cashmere you have come to the right place. Here, at nothingtopost.com, we’ve decided to share a few thoughts and videos about cashmere. This is like an online cashmere seminar.

Cashmere is wool from the Cashmere goat. Actually, it’s hair from the goat and it is highly desirable. Cashmere clothing such as Ponchos have become rather popular. Toppers, scarfs and wraps are always handy on cool days. Dress jackets are a favorite among men.

The videos below give you various perspectives on cashmere goats, processing the material, products and how to care for cashmere. By the time you are done watching these videos you should have a good undertstanding of cashmere.

About Cashmere


A historical fashion perspective

Care for Cashmere

How to fix a hole in your cashmere


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